House System

Inter House Activities - Council Members

The School follows the House System for academic, cultural and outdoor activities.  Inter House Competitions are organised to provide all-round training in studies, sports, co-curricular activities and character building.

There are four houses :

Saraswati House                       symbolises             Rhythm and Melody

Durga House                            symbolises             Bravery & Empowerment

Gargi House                             symbolises             Knowledge and Wisdom

Raj Rani Meera House              symbolises             Love and Compassion

The student council is led by the Head Girl assisted by the Deputy Head Girl, Vice-Captains and House Captains.  The Council Members are selected through voting.



  • Registration open for mgps alumni association! Ex-students to go through link for registrations.
Upcoming Events
  • Chesta Khandelwal (1 A-3)
  • Ridhika Kanwar (2 A-3)
  • Yukti Bagari (2 A-5)
  • Yashvi Solanki (3 A-2)
  • Chahak Khandelwal (4 A-1)
  • Kanika Bhati (4 A-3)
  • Kashish Sharma (6 A-1)
  • Arundhati Sharma (7 A-2)
  • Garvi Mehta (7 A-6)
  • Pranjal Mundra (8 A-6)
  • Rimzim Haldiya (9 A-6)
  • Aayushi Khandal (9 A-8)
  • Radhika Maheshwari (9 A-8)
  • Shreya Maheshwari (10 A-5)
  • Anjali Kasana (10 A-6)
  • Manasvi Verma (12 A-2)

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