Exam Schedule 2015-16

Term I

Formative Assessment -1

FA-1 (I to X) , Unit Test (XI & XII)  -  01.05.2015 to 08.05.2015

Formative Assessment -2
FA-2 (I to X) , Unit Test (XI & XII)  -  01.08.2015 to 10.08.2015

Summative Assessment-1
SA-1 (I to X), Term-1 (XI & XII)       -  16.09.2015 to 30.09.2015

Parent Teacher Meet                           -  Friday, 16.10.2015 (Classes I to V) Saturday, 17.10.2015 (Classes VI to XII)


Term 2

Formative Assessment -3
FA-3 (I to X) , Unit Test (XI & XII)    23.11.2015 to 01.12.2015
Pre Board Examination for Class XII    December 2015/January 2016

Formative Assessment -4
FA-4 (I to X) , Assessment Test-2 (XI & XII)    16.01.2016 to 23.01.2016

Summative Assessment-2
SA-2 (I to X), Term-2 (XI)    February end/ March beginning (as per CBSE)

Parent Teacher Meet    To be announced later

1.    For class XII, Pre board Exam will be treated as preparation for the Board Exam.
2.    No exemption from Test/Exam/ Attendance will be given on account of late admission. 
3.    During the examination days, a different time table is followed, intimation of which is given well in advance.
4.    No leave will be granted during exam days on any grounds, and in case child is not appearing for any exam will be marked absent and no re-exam will be conducted.
5.    The above mentioned dates are tentative and may change due to unavoidable circumstances.
6.    No exemption will be given in any case in any case if the student is not appearing in Formative Exams.

H.W/C.W Assessment
Term I- 01.09.2015 to 10.09.2015
Term II- 01.02.2015 to 10.02.2015 

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Upcoming Events
  • 27-Apr-2019
    Foundation Day on 27 April 2019
  • Harshita Khichi (3 A-4)
  • Shreya Dotasara (4 A-1)
  • Navya Goswami (6 A-6)
  • Jigisha Sharma (7 A-3)
  • Pranjal Rathore (8 A-3)
  • Priyal Pareek (8 A-8)
  • Mahi Agrawal (9 A-5)
  • Ritika Rathore (11 A-1)
  • Khushi Khandelwal (12 A-2)
  • Chhavi Ajmera (11 A-5)
  • Akshita Khandelwal (12 A-3)
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